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English Day in our institution
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Pengarang:  baariklana [ 04 Nov 2008, 07:49 ]
Subjek post:  English Day in our institution

to improve the major instructur in english ability, in my institution there are many english's day. Each instructur have been made many action to improve their ability in english language ie: make a small group to discuss a topic with english althougt they are not english instructur. the other hand is when they are meet each other they must say hello in english and make small conversation each other in english to.
I think there are a lot of way to practice in english its hangup our actions.
Go to the next generation better. Be sure...!

Pengarang:  baariklana [ 17 Nov 2008, 08:33 ]
Subjek post:  Re: English Day in our institution

Toeic or Teofl

Some days ago, I myself joint to forum that make a small clas to prepare TOEIC test for instructor, and from that we make small action "prepare the toeic test".

Tha activity that we must do are : get class for 2 weeks, reading many sample of questions, hear for native speaker from BBC or breaking news with english language.

after a few days all of participant enjoy with this activity and they look like in the new habbit.

This test of Toeic was prepare for school RSBI clasify and choosed for special programs to make english environment. The test conduct by UNIKA Soegiyopranoto Semarang. The participant are 50 peoples.

delayed for 3 days choosed participant follow Toefl Test this the same program but difference way. The type of test is Toefl for academic. Now all the participant waiting for the result of the both Test. Good luck and get lucky.

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